This past weekend I went out to get some photos and explore new scenic areas. I found two new really great roads to offer in my tours. Several hours past and I began to get hungry. I recalled an Internet article about a restaurant having great buffalo burgers and that sounded pretty yummy! I located the restaurant in Virgin, Utah. It’s called The Cactus Room and is part of The Buffalo Trails Trading Company.

I went in and a friendly voice hidden back in the kitchen hollered “welcome”. I inquired about his signature buffalo burger and Bob, the owner and chef, stated it was the best…know get this…in the world! I ordered the burger with fries and got a couple of pieces of Key Lime pie to share with my wife later that evening.

When I took the first bite, I immediately knew that Bob was not a liar. I slowly took teeny tiny bites to savor the taste as long as I could. Yummy!  Bob said I could call ahead to order food and I will suggest that to my tour guests for sure. By the way, here is the website to check out http://www.buffalotrailsco.com/  I love fun days like this. You never know what you’ll find.

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